Open That Coca-Cola (Music by Tyler, The Creator) (íslenska) 30 sek 

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J A 3 órája
I dont know how to be less white, But I sure do know how to not buy any more coke products. WTH does "being white" have to do with running a soft drink company? No idea, I am sure thats why they are running another company into the ground. All for teh feelz.
Tha Pume
Tha Pume 3 órája
Coca Cola is one of those few things that bring us together as Human Beings... ...unless you're white. You need to change.
Go Jump
Go Jump 4 órája
There are likely *hundreds* or even *thousands* of companies and universities that took the training. When I searched LinkedIn to see *who* took the course called “Confronting Racism, with Robin DiAngelo”. Of the first 400 profiles, I found 35 companies (in my little LinkedIn niche world) took the course, from the below listed countries. USA, Ireland, Canada, Brasil, India, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Singapore, Turkey. Australia, United Arab Eremites, , France, Luxembourg, Mauritius, Costa Rica, , Bangladesh, Mozambique, Ethiopia The course has indeed, been pulled (or "retired", as according to LinkedIn) www.linkedin.com/learning/confronting-racism-with-robin-diangelo/getting-race-on-the-table
smug dancing Hat Kid
Nobody talking about Tyler...
Sayo Nara
Sayo Nara 11 órája
Why are there so many white people in this video?
Jim Bean
Jim Bean 13 órája
Filth drink from a filthy racist company.
CCentral Channel
CCentral Channel 15 órája
“I’ll never drink or consume a woke-a-cola” - Some influenced idiot right-wing crackheads.
Vince Laroc
Vince Laroc 17 órája
Sah H
Sah H 17 órája
Nope no more Coca Cola for my white house after their employees outed their be less white employee training module. Another racist company canceled in my home!
Chris S
Chris S 19 órája
Racist losers, your “wokeness” will catch up to you
Beavis 21 órája
No more coca-cola products for me, I'm to white apparently.
Devylknyght 22 órája
I am CERTAIN that I don't want to be less white, so I won't be applying for a job at coke or buying any if their products again.
TheOtherGuy 23 órája
I don't know Coke...the main dancer looks pretty white...did you maker sure to check his pedigree? As a good Racist Company you need to be on top of that stuff. I know as a white man I will not ever buy your products again. Coke taught me that. Thank you Coke.
Eric R
Eric R 23 órája
I am black and i say this it ok to be white
Jason Sayen
akadwriter Napja
Too many anti comments for Coke to censor!! LOL
nevesZy Napja
Sorry, I'm too white for your product.
Galatians 3:26 - 29
Your move on "be less white" is foolish and racist.
Nuff Said
Nuff Said Napja
Coke be less woke.
J Bagger
J Bagger Napja
Woka Cola.
Ryu Hadouken
adam cz
adam cz Napja
Woka cola
donnie henderson
Coca-Cola are racist
donnie henderson
I think I’m too white to watch this commercial or drink in their products.
No thanks. All of a sudden I have disliked the taste of Woke-a Cola
Sean 76
Sean 76 Napja
Coke is racist against white people! Never again
The Sauce
The Sauce Napja
R Toews
R Toews Napja
Won't be buying coke anytime soon. Sick of the racial and gender politics by companies and celebrities.
Ted Seamus
Ted Seamus Napja
It's okay to be whatever you born with it. Stop brainwashing people coca cola. Yeah, im not gonna support your agenda. I move to pepsi.
Who Is Evan
what are y’all talkin bout race for
Whay h
Whay h Napja
They were training their white employees to “be less white” in a diversity lesson for workers.
Don john Trump
I guess your firing the polar bears for being too white now ?
MultiCladi Napja
Ok my fellow nordic brothers of icelandic nation: You are hereby banned from drinkin coca cola for being too white
Ryan Prather
Woke Coke helping stocks for Pepsi is priceless haha
Sorry Coca Cola I’m to white to drink your products! Maybe the CEO should step down he doesn’t look minority to me! So sad it’s the big companies doing this to America!
usmcpound Napja
I'm black and voted for Trump. Now I'm not black. So does that mean I'm white? What do I do now that I'm no longer black and can't be white because that's inherently racist?
Jerry Rowe
Jerry Rowe Napja
Is this like the New Coke in the 80s? "Less White Coke"
Richard Livingston
I can not be less white....so...I'll just buy other products....
Jacob Kurtz
I don't know how to be less white, but I know how to drink less Coke
David Anderson
Coke doesn't want white people's money. Got it.
Hey look another coke ad. I can't watch it though, since I am too white for coca cola these days, ( according to coke) so even though the company was founded by whites, whites must never buy coke again or watch coke ads again, apparently. Oh the irony! People can't control how they were born.
I'm sorry Coke. I'll try to get a tan next time.
Dominick Walenczak
That white guy looked entirely too confident while dancing. Per your training, I'm going to need him to be less white. Then again, perhaps a white guy dancing confidently is the epitome of being less white? What say you, Coca Cola?
no112358 Napja
Ahahaha all the comments just love it!! Coca-cola: "be less racist!!"
Kickin Rocks
Never buying Coca cola again. Racism is bad.
Wandy Wexler Weslon
let me get this straight. a company that is poisoning our youth, is wanting to preach to us and tell us being white is a problem. i say be less black.
Dessie O' Donovan
Racist company
Park Er
Park Er Napja
Is that how you be less white
Skyfall Napja
No Coke or Coke product will be on the receiving end of my money. No money for a racist company.
Zach Wickline
I think I might drink a Pepsi, atleast they arent racist
WOLF and FX88
For 51 years I drink Coke. I guess I can get used to Pepsi and less of course they want to push the same agenda then I'll just move on to a store brand. And of course I'll have to just make sure it's not bald by one of these other companies. I guess I'm just to wait to buy any Coke products!
WOLF and FX88
Hey coke so you want us to be less white? I don't know if I can do that. But I can sure keep less Coke in the fridge! And I'll make sure there's less of my green in your wallets ! An American company with such good standing for so long twin brace a racist ideology catering to the anti-American agenda! Coke was always my favorite soda but now I will never purchase your product again may you go out of business for pushing that disgusting agenda!
Ry An
Ry An Napja
Remember when drinking Coca Cola was one of the whitest things someone could do?
Coke - Woke - Broke has a nice ring to it!
No great reset Please
Coke how about you be “less woke”
Kenneth Snodgrass
Your advert has too many white people in it - can't it be less white?
Jedda73 Napja
Thank you so much! This was just the push I needed to never drink another drop. Im putting you right up there with gillette as a company I will warn my family and friends to avoid. Great timing too, since Biden pushed up the price of insulin!
Glenn Farris
Coca Cola "stay racist".
Mr. Plinkett
Pepsi is actually really good. Glad I tried it. Thanks for the memories, Woke-a-Cola.
Robert Flesch
Less white? Buuuuudddddy....
Some Woke Bloke
Sorry I'm too white for coke
Never a better time than now to cut back on soda. #go woke go broke
You realize you people occupy the same place in history as the KKK? You think just because powerful structures in society deliver you no recourse for blatant bigotry towards whites that its not the same, it is. No one will guilt or shame me into joining you in your racism. Be less white? No I don't think I will.
davidpar2 Napja
When you’re so “concerned” with “combatting racism” that you’re expressly racist
I used to drink coke but I'm white.
Mikhail Napja
Hello Coca Cola. I just came here to say I will never buy any of your products again after being a customer my whole life. Your products shall be banned from my household forever. I shall see your name and brand logo as the enemy of the free world.
Scotty Hale
Good bye old friend, its been a fun ride!
Kiryu Napja
I wonder who will fail harder? Gillette or Coca-Cola?
Watchman 333
Wanna stop racism? Stop talking about it. I have many friends from many backgrounds. This is the elites trying to turn people against each other at its finest
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Napja
Be more white. Buy less Coke
Default Name
Isnt he too White ?
Jim Davis
Jim Davis Napja
So is Vanilla Coke going to have less vanilla in it?
Dirk Diggler
I'll be drinking Pepsi and Pepsi products for now on
Mendo07 Napja
Racist company #boycottcocacola
Zois Antonopoulos
You now , imma start being EVEN WHITER.
ArkonBlade Napja
Racism needs to be stopped and a good start would be to destroy the Coca-Cola Company and put it out of business.
Bloody Hell ScallyWag
If you don't drink Coke, then you ain't white!
AGhotic HM
AGhotic HM Napja
Zachary Russell
Just here to say goodbye.
Aaron Anderson
Im proud to be white. Ill never buy coke products again. 🖓🖓🖓
Christy Trumpster Monroe
"Be Less WHlTE"....Imagine if that was about ANY other racial or ethnic group. You have officiaIIy gone full bIown lNSANE.
Joe Shabidu
I will never drink your black swamp water again.
Keroo_82 Napja
Boicott cola, its just poison anyway. Take care of your body, what you do to it good or bad you get back
m3rcyNside Napja
And another giant jumps on the Racist train!
Alex Martin
I'm too white for coke. No thanks. This is going to be expensive for you. 😂
stijnvdv2 Napja
sold my KO stock and I'm NOT drinking Coca Cola anymore, I'll buy pepsi
LoneStarr Napja
Your company is embarrassing
Vital Statistix
stijnvdv2 Napja
We're gonna make you less racist by being very racist to you. - Racist and bigoted Coca Cola
William James
Hey I'm Latino de sudamerica, but I have half white children. Do they need to "be less white" too or can they still buy your products?
The Real
The Real Napja
Shame in you coca cola. I will no longer buy anything from such a racist company. I'm taking the nonracist Pepsi challenge 😋
Y’all the real racists.
I will Defy GOOGLE
Well i cant change my skin color, but ill help you guys by getting people to stop supporting racist Franchises. ...lol.
Mc Arthur
Mc Arthur Napja
bye bye coke for ever. Say hi to gillete if u see him there..
JP 2099
JP 2099 Napja
Hey coca cola. Why dont you make your next ad with a bunch of POC and the slogan : "coca cola; Its not for white people."
K D Napja
I think I may be too white for Coca-Cola
Invader Jet
Racist monsters coke is
Windwar Attack
I will never drink another Coke product again and will talk with hundreds of other people to get them to stop buying your product so...good job morons...get woke then go broke with your anti white RACIST propaganda fascist movement.
I don’t drink soda, but my husband has bought caffeine-free Diet Coke for YEARS. After hearing of Coca-Cola’s anti-white diversity training, he stopped in the Publix soda aisle today on his lunch break to pick out a new brand to buy. Coca-Cola will never see another dime of our “white” money.